Odomez Serie #3

by L'Enfant-Méduse


After Robert Horton (from California) and M.P.Wright (from England), L'Enfant-Méduse is the first contributor to the Odomez Serie who, not only now lives in the very country where this land is located, but also has spent his childhood in that not-so-formerly industrial land that is the north of continental Europe. It thus seemed logical to ask him to record his performance inside the very buildings of Odomez' factory, now occupied by the Compagnons du Hainaut community...


released October 25, 2008

music by François Defrenne
artwork by Constantin Dubois

3" CD-R

1.Untitled 1 (3:16)
2.Untitled 2 (4:14)
3.Untitled 3 (3:49)

edition of 20, limited, sold out



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The artworks and the objects are created from scratch for each new release, with various techniques. They are hand-made, limited, numbered.

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