In 2005 and 2006, i directed three short documentaries about each of these giants of our days of experimental music.

They have been broadcasted by the french webzine Mille-feuille.fr, and available online at Internet Archive.

But we thought a DVD edition would be nice.

The videos can be seen on archive.org.

The packaging is a folded up map with the mini dvd-r's affixed to little nubs on the map, liner notes and little photos affixed to other panels of the map, all folded up in a plastic pouch.

First edition of 25 copies.
Second edition of 31 copies.


released February 9, 2008

Birchville Cat Motel, Charalambides, & Tarentel rockumentaries, all music rights reserved to the bands.

3 x 3" video-DVDs

edition of 56, limited, sold out



Nothing Out There France

« n.o.t. » is a DIY music print run by Constantin Dubois Choulik since 2006, producing custom artworks for all blends of leftfield musical projects.

The artworks and the objects are created from scratch for each new release, with various techniques. They are hand-made, limited, numbered.

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