Where Kahn Once Ruled, The Takhi Roam Again

by Przewalski's Horses


"Where Kahn..." has been a single-hour affair. During the Summer of 2008, Przewalski's Horses found themselves in Pommerol, a lost and tiny village in the french mountains of Drome. Equipped only with an accordion, a mandolin, and the dusty local harmonium, they fell asleep, and recorded these three acoustic, mellow and hypnotic tracks.

n.o.t.#11's cassette tape is held in a wooden box, with 26 unique fire-engraved drawings.


released April 10, 2009

audio available at :

40mn cassette tape

Side A.
Untitled 1 (10:21)
Untitled 2 (8:50)

Side B.
Untitled 3 (17:17)

edition of 26, limited, sold out



Nothing Out There France

« n.o.t. » is a DIY music print run by Constantin Dubois Choulik since 2006, producing custom artworks for all blends of leftfield musical projects.

The artworks and the objects are created from scratch for each new release, with various techniques. They are hand-made, limited, numbered.

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