1. Bunnies For Pencils
    Robert Horton

  2. Mahogany Daddy-O

  3. Shackles First To Fit
    John Henry Calvinist

  4. Bogie Bogie
    Bogie Bogie

  5. This Bug's For You
    Robert Horton

  6. Cave Sessions 2016-7

  7. Purge Of Genden
    Threes And Will

  8. The Speaking Clock

  9. The Middle of the Night (Four Arms, Two Necks, One Feedback #3)
    Przewalski's Horses

  10. Wander

  11. The Tripology

  12. My Name Is Taken

  13. A Piece Of Time
    Robert Horton

  14. The Ballad Of Sad Cafe (Four Arms, Two Necks, One Feedback #1)
    O'Death Jug

  15. 雨旋
    Caligine & 朱小龍

  16. 石雲
    Caligine & 李劍鴻

  17. DVD re-issue

  18. Selce
    Zero Centigrade

  19. Le Diktat
    Les Holchteins

  20. Walking in the Shadow
    Michel Henritzi (photographs by Kumiko Karino)

  21. Ducksnort ! Boot III
    Robert Horton

  22. Detroit
    Przewalski's Horses

  23. Soupe de Sorcière
    Przewalski's Horses

  24. Odomez Serie #5
    Pan To Scratch

  25. Frozen Illuminations
    Michael Northam

  26. Hiding In A Church

  27. Impatience
    Jeff Gburek

  28. Psychogeographia Ruralis
    Phil Legard

  29. Goupil le Fol

  30. Inner Ends Of The Coils
    Various Artists

  31. The Last Farewell
    Howlin' Ghost Proletarians

  32. A.O.I. ~ The Odomez Diary (Odomez Serie #4)
    Aurélie Brouet & Constantin Dubois

  33. Where Kahn Once Ruled, The Takhi Roam Again
    Przewalski's Horses

  34. Tsarskoïe Selo Hemophilarmonic
    Tsarskoïe Selo Hemophilarmonic

  35. If I can't play my Boot... I don't have a leg to stand on
    Robert Horton

  36. Odomez Serie #3

  37. Bulbs
    Przewalski's Horses

  38. Clay Dreams (Odomez Serie #2)
    Hands Of Sand

  39. The Rockumentaries
    Birchville Cat Motel, Charalambides, & Tarentel

  40. Our Live Soundtracks
    Various Artists

  41. Split CDr
    Polrd & Przewalski's Horses

  42. Salts That Have Lost Water (Odomez Serie #1)
    Robert Horton & Constantin Dubois

  43. The Box
    Various Artists


Nothing Out There France

« n.o.t. » is a DIY music print run by Constantin Dubois Choulik since 2006, producing custom artworks for all blends of leftfield musical projects.

The artworks and the objects are created from scratch for each new release, with various techniques. They are hand-made, limited, numbered.

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